Restoring Residential Homes for Over 10 Years | Count On Diamond Bar Water Damage Experts

We are available 24 hours 7 days a week to our residential customers! We know how tough it can be to see your home and all the items inside of it affected by water damage. Not only that, but it is so inconvenient to have water damage in your home. We work fast, and we work hard to restore residential property damage because we know how tough it can be on you and your family.

Our goal is arrive on site and give you a full fledged damage assessment with a free quote to let you know the scope of work. This allows us to plan better for you, and get you back at home faster. Using cold water extraction techniques we remove standing water faster and safer. We take an infra red camera to spot hidden water pockets to avoid mold growth beneath floorboards and behind drywall. Once we complete the extraction we start to dry the affected areas using in place drying techniques. We offer our customers off site storage as well to house any furniture, documents or special items you consider important.

After the restoration is complete, we speak with your insurance provider directly and always keep a close eye on the state of your home before we deem it safe to re enter. As soon as it is safe to re enter rest assured you will receive the compensation you are entitled too.

Contact us by phone¬†909-895-2919 and see why we’re trusted by hundreds of satisfied clients!