Fire Damage Restoration

Flames of a fire can catch on to things in the matter of seconds. Though you will not realize it, a fire can spread from one house to another if it is not taken care of immediately. So if you want to avoid damage which can not only clam a property but a life as well, make sure that you report any smoke you see to your fire department. Taking immediate action will save many lives and the entire neighborhood as well.

If it is your own house that has burned down,
● Leave the vicinity and save your life first.
● Check for family members and pets.
● Call fire department immediately.
● Do not worry about fire damage, if you live in Diamond Bar, Los Angeles, because our company, Diamond Bar Damage Restoration, will take care of everything.

Why is it important for you to look for professional help in case of fire damage?
● Taking care of a big cleanup will require a lot of work, time and money if you. And if don’t have the right equipment and method to clean up and repair the damage caused by fire, you will not be able to get anything done. Simply put, it’s not something that a layman can do.
● When fire occurs, the crevices in the wall expand and the soot penetrates into the walls and ceilings, making the cleanup a lot more challenging. However, if you have the right people for the job, they will be able to get rid of even the toughest of soot stains.
● Apart from soot, smoke odor is another major problem. It does not leave the house unless the house has been cleaned properly and treated with ozone generator. However, ozone generators should only be used by professionals because they know how to handle the toxic gas. Personal safety barriers must be worn by workers to protect themselves from its effects.

Types of smoke:
● Damp smoke – This kind of smoke results from low flames often known as smoldering fire. The soot from this fire has a sticky texture and the odor is pungent.
● Dry smoke – Dry smoke is produced, as a result of high temperature flames and rapid burning fire.
● Protein smoke – Although this type of smoke is essentially invisible, its effects leave discolored paint and varnish on the walls and ceilings. It has a pungent smell.
● Fuel oil smoke – It results from furnace fire or petroleum products. The soot produced is greasy and dangerous.

Fire damage clean-up becomes easier if you can figure out the type of smoke left by fire. But the problem is that only a professional with enough experience can identify this and apply cleaning methods accordingly. At Diamond Bar Restoration, we provide you with qualified and experienced technicians for hygienic and odorless clean-up.

Our Service Package
At diamond bar fire damage restoration, we give you the following facilities for fire damage clean up
● Customized action plan for restoration
● Clean up of water, soot, and ashes
● Repair of damaged concrete structure
● Cleaning of charred fabric upholstery and wooden furniture
● Polishing of metal goods
● Treatment for microbial contamination
● Smoke deodorization

We try to salvage as many things as possible so that the restoration is not costly for you. Our response is prompt. You can reach us on landline i.e. 909-895-2919 or visit us at our office at Diamond Bar, CA.