Commercial Flood Damage | Diamond Bar Water Damage 

Let Diamond Bar Water Damage Experts work for you! We restore a variety of commercial properties, and always put our best foot forward when work business to business. We are a local business and we take pride in helping other businesses get back on track. We understand how water damage disasters are difficult and annoying. Rest assured, we will restore your commercial property to like new!

Multi-Step Recovery
We take time to restore the damage using a multi-step recovery plan performed by certified technicians to get the job done right the first time, every time. We begin every water damage disaster with cold water extraction. This is the most important aspect of any water damage restoration as the sooner we extract standing water the faster we can restore the rest of your property. Once we have removed standing water from the affected areas we move on the locating hidden water pockets behind walls, under floorboards and above ceiling panels. This is vital to ensuring water is not left behind after cold water extraction takes place. We then store the water in large water tanks to abide by EPA standards.

We move onto in place drying using industrial sized fans and blowers to rid the affected areas of any mildew smell. We move on sanitization and deodorization after the area is dry. Drying the affected area(s) might take longer if there is carpet. Rest assured, we take every step very seriously and respect your property during the restoration. We provide off site storage for commercial and residential property owners going through water damage issues. This helps our customers store household items or valuable documents during the restoration. Diamond Bar Water Damage is your number one partner in water damage restorations.

Take Immediate Action!
The most important thing about water damage is to take action immediately. You need to act fast in order to reduce the damage. Water penetrates floors and walls quickly forming water pockets beneath the surface of your floors. When water is trapped from air flow, the moisture pockets may never dry and can become breeding grounds for toxic mold. By calling for professional water damage and mold remediation services immediately after a flood or incident you will save your business’ structure and prevent down time to avert health hazards. If left untreated water damage will cause serious damage and might even put you out of your building.

We Work For You!
At Diamond Bar Water Damage, we work for you, not your insurance company. We aren’t under pressure to make money we just want to help our customers file their claim and get back to normal. We know working with insurance companies can be frustrating and ultimately disheartening. We will arrive on site and do a full work up of the damage with a walk through. Based on the site we will give you a custom restoration plan and take into considerations your short term and long term needs, as well as the goal to reduce cost and property loss.

We Know What to Do & How to Do It
The most important facet of a commercial water damage restoration is the equipment and knowledge of the technicians working on the problem. We hire technicians certified by the IICRC who are highly experienced and receive additional training throughout the year. We have some of the highest quality equipment in the industry! Trust our technicians to get your business back on track!

Count on us 24 hours 7 days a week to arrive on site within 30 minutes! Contact us today !